Andrew D. Reichert, PhD, PLLC
Licensed Psychologist
Port Aransas, TX
P.O. Box 1706, Port Aransas, TX 78373
(210) 708-5909                                   

Meeting Locations

I do not have a traditional office space in Port Aransas because small office space on the island is very limited and expensive.  I also keep my private practice intentionally small and part-time; most of my clients come to me by word-of-mouth or other referrals.  To help keep costs low and offer discounts for those with limited financial means, I offer people options on where we can meet, including house calls, TeleHealth, and other relatively private and convenient locations, like the beach. 

Meeting At the Beach

In his book, Blue Mind, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols sites a wealth of research supporting the value of being in, on, or near water, for emotional health and well-being.  Whenever possible, I like to take advantage of the natural environment and meet with people at the beach, whether sitting under the peer or taking a walk as we talk.  Naturally, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed at the beach; however, there can be a paradox of privacy when meeting in public (i.e., not really being noticed amidst many beachgoers).    


House Calls 

There is a long history of social workers, ministers, and even doctors making house calls.  I too am happy to meet with people in the privacy of their own home, which is especially advantageous for me because it gives me a non-judgmental glimpse at a person's immediate living environment which can often impact their emotional health.  I have met with clients across a spectrum of homes, including RVs, condos, home offices, and traditional beach houses with boardwalks over the dunes.


HIPAA Compliant TeleHealth

At a prearranged time, we both log into a HIPAA compliant, secure website, enter a unique access code, and can then speak via video conferencing.  This option can be especially convenient and just as personal as face-to-face, which can always be arranged when needed.  Ideally, I like to first meet  a new client in person before continuing with TeleHealth.  Legally, clients must be located in the State of Texas, as I am only licensed to practice in Texas.  Pre-certification may be required for TeleHealth insurance reimbursements.